Brewer’s yeast – a fascinating single cell organism

Yeasts are very small single cell organisms and are only recognisable under the microscope.

Every yeast is different

Not all yeast is suitable for our diet. Panaktiv® contains exclusively the young cells of true brewer’s yeast (saccharomyces carlsbergensis). With their incomparable abundance of vitamins, they offer the greatest benefits.

Do you know of any natural product richer in active substances?

The brewer’s yeast for Panaktiv® grows on vitamin rich barley malt. It absorbs vitamins, minerals and proteins from it and in addition generates its own new micro nutrients, which it needs for its own active metabolism.
Brewer’s yeast is therefore a highly valuable organism containing active substances we can profit from.

Nature at its best in cellular brewer’s yeast

In Panaktiv®, the brewer’s yeast cells are made bioavailable through a gentle, purely biological process and the yeast is preserved in its liquid form in intact cells.
In contrast to dry yeast and yeast extracts, this has considerable advantages: the sensitive vitamins remain perfectly protected and none are lost.
The cellular liquid form is the original and most natural brewer’s yeast preparation that exists.
Panaktiv® is the first liquid yeast product and has been on the market since 1950. You can benefit from our experience!