Dr. Metz stands for better health

For over 65 years now, we have been producing healthcare products for an active metabolism. For these products, we select plants particularly rich in effective substances and consider these substances in a natural compound to be better than isolated components. Our guiding principles which define our daily work have been sustained over the years. However, we have continued to optimise and develop our production methods and the quality and range of products with one goal in mind: customer satisfaction with our products!

It all began with brewer’s yeast

The thirties

During his feeding trials at the Animal Breeding Institute of the University of Halle/ Saale, the agriculturist and biologist Heinrich Metz develops a special production method for cellular liquid brewer’s yeast. It is clearly more effective than traditional dry yeast. The well-known medical expert and founder of modern dietetics Professor Abderhalden soon becomes interested in this special form of brewer’s yeast and discovers an effective agent in brewer’s yeast for the clinical treatment of diabetics (insulin substitution was not yet possible at that time).


Heinrich Metz founds the family business for the development, production and sale of Panaktiv®, the first highly effective liquid yeast product for human nutrition, in Bielefeld and soon afterwards in Hamburg.


Development of the plant-based mineral product, Aktiv-Kalk, now known as Minactiv®.


Dr. Holger Metz (microbiologist and biochemist) takes over the management of the company. Consolidation of the production facilities in Kelkheim/Taunus in larger and modern premises.


The skin care product, Yeast Skin Treatment, is developed at the request of Professor Ries, Head of the Radiology Department of the first Gynaecological Clinic at Munich University.


CereGran® - is launched - a completely new muesli made of germinated grain. CereGran® meets the highest standards of whole food for high-quality wholegrain muesli.


Wheat Germ Oil rich in vitamin E enhances our range of products.

Since 1991, further health products such as high fibre Earth Almond Flakes (1998), Cranberries (2006), Whole Fruit Juices of Sallow Thorn (2007) and Blueberries (2009) as well as Pumpkin Seed Oil (2009) and Sweet Lupins (2012) have been added to our product range.

Since 1991 and 2000 respectively, the nutritional scientists, Dr. Kathrin Metz-Müller and Philipp Metz have been jointly responsible for the company and are happy to advise you on our products. Their company, Dr. Metz, is a commitment for both and a joy to be able to continue along the chosen path of their Grandfather.


Our commitment to health

Dr. Kathrin Metz-Müller

“We eat our own products every day. Panaktiv® in particular is our “safe all-round drink”. For me, it is important to know that my family has a good basis for what is often a stressful day. Our good health, particularly of the children, is proof of this. As well as Panaktiv®, CereGran® is one of my personal favourites . CereGran® for breakfast with yoghurt, a dash of sallow thorn juice and cranberries keeps me fit until lunchtime – and tastes really good too! I can confidently pass on my good experience to our customers.”

Philipp Metz

“As developers and producers, we have the opportunity to produce top quality food products according to our own set of values. The initial need behind our products is to feed ourselves and our families in the best possible way. In the process, we have the privilege of being able to control and monitor all the stages of production starting with cultivation and ending with processing. We are very happy that our customers can benefit from our efforts.”