CereGran® - bio muesli made from germinated grain

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The advantages of CereGran®

  • long-lasting, vitamin rich energy for an active morning
  • for good concentrationHinweis Iron, magnesium, niacin, thiamine and vitamin B6 contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism. Iron and zinc contribute to normal cognitive function. Carbohydrates contribute to the maintenance of normal brain function. The beneficial effect is obtained with a daily intake of 130 g of carbohydrates from all sources.
  • whole grain - easy to digest
  • delicious without added sugarHinweisCereGran® only contains grain?s own sugars, none added.
  • from organic agriculture, DE-ÖKO-013
Germinated grain – for energy and concentration! Many people can hardly make it through a full... more

Germinated grain – for energy and concentration!

CereGran® - Vollkornmüsli

Many people can hardly make it through a full working morning on their breakfast. If you start to feel hungry too early, your concentration drops and you feel tired.

Whole grain is good – germinated grain is even better!

CereGran® is a muesli speciality made from germinated grain and germinated spelt. What makes this muesli special are the many vitamins, healthy long-lasting carbohydrates and valuable, easily digestible protein. CereGran® is easy to digest and therefore suitable for all those people, who would otherwise have to forego whole grain.

CereGran® is the healthy basis for a breakfast just the way you like it! You can add (warm) milk, yoghurt or stewed fruit, fresh fruit and nuts to CereGran® - just as you wish.

Tip: especially delicious with earth almond flakes and fruity cranberries

The best thing to come from grain Water and heat activate the dormant grain and it begins to ... more

The best thing to come from grain

Water and heat activate the dormant grain and it begins to germinate. This substantially increases its nutritional value: vitamins and, above all, active enzymes that support the metabolism are newly formed in considerable quantities.

CereGran®The tiny grain is refined into a vitamin source. At the same time, the indigestive cellulose of the whole grain is broken down into easily digestible pieces. They maintain their function of aiding digestion with high tolerability. CereGran® is therefore suitable for many people who previously had problems digesting whole grain.

Production – strictly hygienically controlled

Die CereGran® germ buds germinate in 5-6 days. At this stage, a natural optimum amount of vitamins, trace elements and enzyme proteins are formed. The germination process is then deliberately stopped to guarantee the maximum amount of valuable vitamins. A process of gentle dehydration is then used to stabilise the sensitive nutrients in a measurable way.  

100 g CereGran® contain Energy 1533 kJ/363 kcal   Fatof which->... more

100 g CereGran® contain

Energy 1533 kJ/363 kcal  
of which
-> saturates
-> unsaturates
3.1 g

0.6 g
2.5 g
-> of which sugars
65.6 g
7.6 g
Fibre 12.8 g  
Protein 11.8 g  


0.05 g  

% of the reference intake
Hinweis The reference intake describes the daily requirement.

Thiamin/vitamin B1 0.27 mg

25 %

Vitamin B6 0.42 mg

30 %

Folic acid 112 µg

56 %

Niacin 7.1 mg

44 %

Iron 3.5 mg

25 %

Zinc 2.9 mg

29 %

Magnesium 130 mg

35 %


Ingredients: germinated barley* (50 %), germinated spelt* (50 %)

* from organic EU-agriculture, DE-ÖKÖ-013

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