Sweet lupin semolina

Eiweissreiches-Suesslupinen-Schrot-Rezept-Griessbrei(main dish for 4 persons)

1 liter milk
100 g semolina flour
50 g sweet lupin flour
2 tsp butter
4 tbsp sugar
A large pinch of cinnamon

Heat the milk, stir in the semolina, sweet lupin flour, sugar, butter and cinnamon. Turn off the heat and leave to swell stirring at the same time.

Use just 800 ml milk to make a tasty dessert, sweet lupin semolina bars. Spread the mixture about 2 cm thick onto a board. When cool, cut into small squares and brown on both sides in butter melted in a pan. Toss in sugar mixed with cinnamon whilst still warm. Serve with plum or cherry jam.

Photo: © kristina rütten/Fotolia.com